Sledding & Tubing

Your Guide to Sledding & Tubing Stevens Pass

Slide Into Fun this Winter in Washington’s Cascades

If you’re anything like us, winter is all about embracing the snow and having a blast. The mountains surrounding Stevens Pass, Washington offer fantastic sledding and tubing options to get your heart racing and create endless smiles. Whether you’re an experienced winter sports enthusiast or just looking for some snowy playtime with friends and family, the Stevens Pass area’s tubing and sledding hills are perfect for everyone.

The Thrills of Sledding and Tubing

Winter in the Stevens Pass area is pure magic. With the landscape covered in a blanket of snow, the great outdoors becomes your playground. Sledding and tubing are fantastic ways to make the most of the season. It’s not just for the little ones; it’s a heart-pounding adventure that anyone can enjoy, no matter your age.

The crisp winter air on your face, the laughter of your companions, and the sheer joy of sliding down the slopes on a sled or inner tube. No skill necessary – just bring your desire for an adrenaline rush, a sled or tube, and the need for speed. And the best part? Even falling off can be fun.

Discovering the Best Sledding and Tubing Spots

But where do you find these snow-filled adventures in the Stevens Pass area? Luckily there are a number of options for dashing through the snow on a sled or tube. Not only does the ski area provide serviced and groomed sledding and tubing hills at the resort, local communities feature their own hills for residents and visitors alike. 

Enjoy a day of FREE sledding with no parking fees at the Stevens Pass Nordic Center. You can find more information at their direct site, where they can answer all questions!

Important Tips

Before you embark on your snow tubing or sledding adventure, here are a few essential things to remember:

  1. Cost: While some locations may have admission fees, many local sledding hills are free. Be sure to check the specific location’s website for pricing details.
  2. Operating Hours: Hours of operation can vary, especially for the tubing centers. Make sure to check the official websites for the most current information.
  3. Requirements: Most tubing parks have age and height restrictions for safety. Review these requirements before you go.

With your guide to sledding and tubing in the Stevens Pass area, it’s time to gear up, gather your friends and family, and hit the hill. Enjoy an amazing time, create lasting memories, and embrace the snowy wonderland that Stevens Pass offers. Revel in the adrenaline rush, the laughter, and the joy of winter play!


Tubing the Summit of Snoqualmie​​

About an hour and half from Gold Bar, the Summit at Snoqualmie boasts over 20 groomed lanes and a covered lift to get you back to the top without having to hike. Make sure you purchase your tickets online before arrival, and arrive 45 minutes prior to your tubing window for adequate check in time. Ticket prices include equipments.

Stevens Pass Tubing Center

The Stevens Pass Tubing Center is a haven for snow tubing enthusiasts. Conveniently situated at the Nordic Center at Stevens Pass Resort, it's easily accessible and provides a tubing experience like no other. You'll find well-groomed lanes, tube lifts, and even a tow rope to bring you back up the hill. No need for a strenuous hike up with your tube – they've got it covered.

Lt. Michael Adams Tubing Hill

Snow tubing is fun for the whole family. Sit on a provided tube as the rope tow pulls you to the top and then sends you gliding down the 100-foot hill. This is perfect for group or family activities. Snacks and hot cocoa are available at the lodge. Tickets available for purchase at the ski hill and include the cost of rental gear.

Hyak Sno Park

A great pit-stop for an afternoon of family friendly fun, the Hyak Sno-Park Sledding Hill is a well-maintained slope meant for the young sledders in all of us. The terrain at Hyak is relatively tame; you won't find significant hazards or steep drops. Though popular with everyone, the area is ideal for younger sledders. Since this is the closest sledding hill to Seattle, make sure to get there early and beat the rush.

Mt Baker Sled Hill

When you mention sledding, most locals think of Mount Baker first. Although a bit of a drive, the height, expanse and steepness of the available sledding slopes, wider availability throughout the ski season, and spectacular views make this a favorite destination for adventurers and die-hards. This area is more of a "choose your own adventure" sledding hill and does not have groomed trails or facilities.