Our Environmental Commitment

At Tree Line Vacation Rentals, a greener, cleaner planet is more than just an idea- it’s a way of life! We strive to provide exceptional vacations and experiences while preserving our environment using the best available products and sound practices.


Skykomish River Washington State

CLEANING: We use Envirox H2o2, a green certified hydrogen peroxide based cleaner, as our only cleaning product.

LAUNDRY: We make our own Eco and septic safe laundry soap that is used at our properties, and our base facility uses Kirkland brand Environmentally Responsible Laundry Detergent. Our laundry facility also utilizes a grey water  system.

HAND SOAP: All our properties are equipped with reusable foaming soap pumps filled with Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

BODY WASH, CONDITIONING SHAMPOO: Guests are provided environmentally friendly products in biodegradable packaging. 

WASTE DISPOSAL/ RECYCLING: Properties are remote and have no trash service options. We bring guest trash and recycling to our base where these services exist. We also mandate all our properties be equipped with bear-proof waste bins.