Our beautiful area of the Cascade mountains is known as “Sky Valley”, the valley that runs along the Skykomish River- one of the most popular rivers around for catching Winter and Summer Steelhead, Dolly Varden Trout, Coho, Chum and Pink Salmon (Pink Salmon only can be fished in odd numbered years). No license required when it’s FREE FISHING WEEKEND, always the first weekend after the first Monday every June. Please see the complete rules and regulations for fishing this river and it’s tributaries in this Sports Fishing Rules Pamphlet. We also found a boat-load of information here with Riptide Fish.

We highly recommend either a quick stop or a guided tour with the lovely folks at the Wallace River Salmon Hatchery, located just off Hwy 2 between Startup and Gold Bar. 14418 383rd Ave SE, Sultan, WA 98294 or call 360-793-1382.

There are a few professional guides in the area available to help make the best of your fishing expedition:

Ridge To River Outdoors Charter Fishing
Emerald Water Anglers
Get Hooked NW
All Rivers Guide Service

You will definitely need a license:

–Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce, Sultan
-Index General Store, Index
-Fred Meyer, Monroe
–Big 5 Sporting Goods, Monroe
–Whitfields Licensing, Monroe
(360) 793-0693
(360) 794-5678