The Perfect Solution for Reunions

Group Cabin Rentals Near Seattle

Whether you are looking for a special spot to share with your family on your next reunion, or an escape for all of your friends on the next group trip, Tree Line Rentals has a number of homes you can “cluster” together. Group cabin rentals near Seattle provide to perfect solution for more privacy, more kitchen space, and more social distance. These groups of homes are close enough so everyone can get together easily for a nightly fire pit, outdoor bbq, or morning coffee by the river. Meanwhile, each group has their own space, and plenty of privacy.


Skykomish Area

Mountain Play Chalet & Alpine A Frame

Positioned just steps from each other, these two cabins are perfect for two families or cabin rentals for groups near Seattle. Each cabin houses 4 people making for a combined group of 8. Ideally, located a mere fifteen minutes from Stevens Pass Ski Resort, these cozy cabins could be the perfect place to stay for you next ski trip. Both cabins boast hot tubs and that a-frame cabin charm you won’t find anywhere else.

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Timberlane Area

Diamond on the Sky & Red Hawk Hideaway

A great option for larger ski group trips or family reunions, the combination of Diamond on the Sky and Red Hawk Hideaway can house up to 14 people total.

Diamond on the Sky and Red Hawk Hideaway have everything needed to enjoy a getaway filled with adventure, stunning views and relaxing moments surrounded by nature. Peaceful and private, these homes feature an expansive river and mountain view, decks, hot tubs, fireplaces and air conditioning.

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Cabin Cluster Rentals for Groups

1. Bonny Sky Lodge: Sleeps 8
2. Rancho Relaxo: Sleeps 6
3. Rising Sun Retreat: Sleeps 6
4. Cedar Stone River House: Sleeps 4
5. High River Haven: Sleeps 2
6. Marigold Mountain House: Sleeps 4
7. Yeti Compound: Sleeps 9
8. Persis Perch: Sleeps 6
9. Mountain View Cabin: Sleeps 6